Anxiety Relief


Anxiety Relief


We are living through very challenging times in our society with an all-time high of stress, anxiety and depression. There's no better time than NOW to empower yourself and start feeling strong, courageous and resilient.

As an “Anxiety Relief Expert” I use RTT hypnosis and a variety of different modalities and methodologies to help you achieve the results you want FASTER and EASIER than most other hypnotists, healers or coaches who use only one modality.

It’s a synergistic effect that creates a one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t usually get anywhere else. One size doesn’t fit all and that’s why I customize the program for you because you are unique and different from everyone else.

If anxiety is creating a negative impact on your business or job, school, relationships, sports performance, your social life, sleep, focus, concentration or even your ability to drive or hop on a plane, I’m confident that my customized program can help you get the relief you’ve been seeking.

By seamlessly integrating a combination of healing modalities, which includes RTT hypnosis, homeopathy, tapping and coaching, my comprehensive program can offer you the greatest chance for the success you want in the shortest amount of time so you can go from feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed to feeling calm, relaxed, happy, optimistic, healthy, resilient, and with the confidence to conquer life’s challenges.

My proven Anxiety Relief Program is a step-by-step, 9-week process that will 3x you to the next level. It will transform and rewire your thinking and recondition your mind so you can create your life by design not by default. My program will help you hit the reset button and upgrade your mindset for success. I can’t wait to share it with you so you can kick anxiety in the butt!!!

Will this work for you?

I’ve taken thousands of people, just like you, through my program to get their BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS. My guarantee to you is, if you work the program…IT WORKS!

But this program isn’t for you if…


  • You’re looking for a “Quick Fix.”
  • You’re not ready for change.
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself.


Ask yourself this question…what’s the cost of remaining the same and what’s it costing you mentally, emotionally, financially, your family and your relationships?

You’re just 1 decision away from having a better life. 

Learn how we work with our clients

Learn how we work with our clients

  • I cannot say enough great things about Liz and my hypnotherapy session. I have been dealing with anxiety since I was a child and nothing seemed to work. I found her reviews and knew that I needed to book an appointment immediately with her. I was super nervous going in because I didn't know what to expect with hypnotherapy, but she immediately relaxed me before our session even began. A big reason I wanted to see her is because I am 25 with 2 children and I still don't drive because of my anxiety. As she was speaking to me I felt this exciting urge to start driving before she was even finished with my session! I see a HUGE difference in myself and after only one session. I went to Disneyland the next day as a way to kind of test how I would deal with a large group of people and I was truly happy and excited to be there rather than nervous and ready to go home like I usually was. I love that she has been checking in with me to see how I've been doing, and even stopped by my work to drop off a homeopathic remedy to help with anxiety instead of harsh medications that never worked for me in the past. Thank you so much Liz, I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know dealing with these issues!
    Jessie B.
  • I had one session with Liz and it changed who I am as a person. I took some time before making this review so that I could give an honest thorough one. I was very impressed with Liz and the RTT method. In the first session, I got to the root of my issues. I appreciated that. I didn't feel that this was a scheme or a money grab, it was real therapy with real results. Liz also left me with a recording to listen to daily, which I believe reprogrammed my thinking and contacted me after the session to check on my progress. I am very happy that I decided to see Liz and I would recommend her to anyone who wants real change in their lives!
    Talia C.
  • In just 3 weeks I felt so much better, the struggles I was having with Anxiety before are now gone and I am confident to say I am on the road to recovery!
    Geffen Chang
  • AMAZING HEALING. I had anxiety and depression for 6 years and struggled with getting through most days. I was recommended Elizabeth and my life forever changed. With her help, i have retrained my mind, attitude, emotions and have come to terms with many life traumas. 10/10 would recommend her to anyone who needs help getting over emotional or mental barriers.
    Sarah Phinney
  • I struggled with debilitating anxiety. If you can relate, you know exactly what I mean when I say anxiety can cripple you. It morphs the opinions you have of yourself; it prevents you from growing through challenges life presents you with; it keeps you closed-minded; it creates false fears and ultimately a false sense of self. My experience with Elizabeth was life-transforming. I went through two sessions and I’m honestly stronger for each one. I won’t lie, in the beginning, I was skeptical of her technique—after reading up on RTT, but I was desperate to change my I’ll-conceived quality of life. It’s through her that I’m now open-minded, willing to accept change, comfortable being uncomfortable, and no longer feel like anxiety is the heightened pulse I live my life by. Instead, I feel lighter, I feel capable, and I don’t fear anything or anyone. She’s remarkable.
    Marina Anguiano
  • Elizabeth and her therapy are awesome!!! The transformation is so quick that I am amazed. I am very thankful to have found her and I recommend her to all my loved ones (and not so loved ones, too). We ALL and the world can highly benefit from making the easy and very important decision to try it.
    Ivett Romero
  • I recently had a transformative session with Liz Valdez on a personal issue that has been a great concern for me. Liz was able to discern deeply held beliefs and behaviors that were the root cause of my issue. In addition, she helped me understand them in a way that has given me great confidence and understanding to change my life. I highly recommend Liz to anyone wanting to change their life for the better. She is a wonderful and gifted healer.
    Marv Curtis
  • I went with Liz about a month ago for my depression and anxiety it had gotten out of control. I must say the session and the recording she gives you helped tremendously. I can’t thank her enough and her tips also helped so much. I can’t thank her enough for helping me get so much better. I would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with anything. She is super nice and makes you feel comfortable and at peace.
    Deise Miramontes
  • Elizabeth is absolutely fantastic. I whole-heartedly recommend her, she's a life-changer.
    Slaveia Iankoulova
  • Liz is a Phenomenal Therapist! I would like to mention that we had our session online, but during the session I felt like Liz was right next to me. I could feel Liz's support during the session, her kind and warm energy. Her voice is treasurous, soft and calm! During the session Liz guided me and we were able to identify the root cause of my health issue. I could feel better immediately. I listen to Liz's brilliant recording several times a day and it helps me to stay positive, to believe in myself, to believe my health will get better very soon. On the energy level, I know Liz could feel exactly what I need in my life at the moment. It is just amazing! I also love my recording because of the most important words for me right now: "You are an architect of your own life". It is so important to me, and without me mentioning it, Liz was able to pass this message to me from the Universe. It is an absolute "Heartfelt Wellness". After the session with Liz I felt happy, calm and relaxed. That is exactly what I was looking for and could not achieve on my own. I love my RTT session and would highly recommend Liz! Dear Liz, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Katya Gubrienko

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